Monday, November 21, 2016

This is pretty embarrassing. So as you can probably tell. I haven't posted on this blog for a few years. Actually I'd completely forgotten about it. Sorry lol
I doubt there's very many of you out there that followed my blog from years ago that are still around but, if you are I'll be posting here probably on a weekly basis from now on. I have a few projects I wanted to share and this will be a great way to make sure I actually continue to draw/paint/do art stuffs. And to all of you that randomly stumble across this blog. Hello and thanks for taking the time to check me out.

For starters here's a piece I did for a graphic design course.

This one wasn't too hard to accomplish there were few troublesome areas but for the most part I just did an image trace and added text. However, after doing this the pigs came kind of derpy so I had to go back and redraw/paint the faces. also the wall and the hooves had to be completely drawn. I have another piece I want to show before I start doing mostly drawn stuff again but, I'll save that one for another post. Maybe I'll post twice a week.

Thanks again for stopping by.

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